Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First ER Visit

Carrah had an accident last weekend. My husband was watching her and my older daughter while he was folding laundry. He wasn't looking for a split second and Carrah had pulled an armoir down on top of her! I heard the thud and went running upstairs to find my child with a bloody face. It was the scariest moment of my life! We rushed her to the ER and they put 3 stitches in her tiny little nose then did a CT scan, which came back normal other than a small break in her nose.

She was her normal self when we returned home, just a little tired. Now a week and a half later, she is perfect! I'm so very thankful that God was watching over her.

Here are a few pictures of the days following the incident..

Her favorite spot to play :)

She got a big goose egg right on the front of her forehead.

She got big sister's carseat too!

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