Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"To Advanced" for Early Intervention

I took Carrah for her first EI Therapy today. We met with the OT and she went over all of the paperwork with me. Then she went to evaluate Carrah and was amazed.

This is how out meeting went.

Can she...

Gross Motor:
Crawl - Check!
Stand and cruise?? - Check!

Fine Motor:
Pick up objects - Check!
Transfer objects between hands - Check!
Pull open drawers - Check!

"Hmm..I just don't know what I could work with her on right now. She is more advanced than most of the kids that come in here. I think she is to advanced for the program at this time. However, if you see a problem arise in the future, give us a call and we'll get her right in."

So, I felt extremely blessed that she is "to advanced" for therapy right now. It's really amazing to think that this little girl who has a "disability" is doing more things at her age than some "normal kids" I'm thankful to the lady for offering us her help in the future may we need it.

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