Monday, July 13, 2009

Carrah Is Going to Get Glasses :)

So we just got back from Children's. CareBear had a follow up appt. I mentioned her Strabismus and they agreed that it is there and is affecting her vision. They prescribed her glasses that we have to take her and get fitted for. She will wear those for approximately 2 months and see if they are doing anything for her strabismus and if they aren't, then we will discuss surgery.

She was so good! I was extremely proud of her. We were there for two hours. They had to dilate her eyes and check them and she was awesome the entire time! She liked them checking her eyes. I guess she could see better with them putting the focals? up to her eyes because she just sat there so still, but when he took it away she was all squirmy. lol!

Her vision was +3.25 in the left eye and +3.50 in the right. My mom looked it up and it says that 3.00-6.00 is moderate, so she is at the low end of moderate. Praise God!! :)

I can't wait to see her adorable little face in glasses. She will make them look good! She hates her sunglasses unless we are out in the sun, so i'm anxious to see how she takes to glasses. Hopefully she will realize they are helping her see better and leave them on.

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