Monday, July 27, 2009

Walking and Rollin' Em Up

Carrah turned 9 months old almost a week ago and she is taking steps all over the place! It's really cute to watch. She sort of takes off then falls into your arms. I think the glasses have helped her balance whlie standing because since she has gotten them, she has really taken off.

Also, she loves to watch and hear us do "Patty Cake" She is just like her big sis in the sense that she is doing the "Roll Em Up" part first before clapping. She gets so excited and spins her arms 'round and 'round.

Last week, she shocked me big time. She was sat on the floor in front of the TV and was lunging at the VCR (yes we're old school and still have a VCR downstairs) I thought she was just playing, but she finally got close enough to touch it. She pushed the movie in and looked up at the TV waiting for it to come on. lol! She hasn't ever shown much interest in movies when Cami is watching them, but all of the sudden she is into Barney. She will sit there and bop up and down and just laugh so hard.

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