Sunday, May 24, 2009

Developmental Milestones

When Carrah was diagnosed, I was terrified that she would not be able to live a normal life. I had no clue what Albinism was or what it entailed for her future. So many thoughts and visions ran through my mind. Would she be able to see to take a bite, crawl without bumping into things, walk down a hall, and so many more..?

My answer is yes! She has done several of those things and earlier than expected at that. Her pediatrician is amazed at what she has done so far. "Very advanced" is what she said.
*Wow* I thought. This little girl that the Opthamologist told me "probably will be able to find her own room" is seeing her favorite toys halfway across the room and pulling up and walking on her own. She can even spot her paci in a pile full of toys!

I'm so proud of what she has accomplished so soon and can't wait to find out what else she is capable of doing!

Crawling on April 1st @ 5mos old

Playing with her big sister on Apr 1st

Eating baby food on April 8th

Crawling again on April 15th {still 5mos}

Crusing on April 27th{6mos}

Just starting to walk in the walker May 5th

Walking in walker and Babbling on May 15th

Walking with a chair May 15th

Eating and Laughing on May 24th{7mos}

{Don't mind my hoarse voice here, I was sick.}

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